The Great Bartle Boat Race

2007 Camping Season / Session 4 / Piercing Arrow / Another HOT day… 

The challenge was to create a boat/canoe using only cardboard, trashbags and duct tape.
Troop 111 not only met the challenge, but SMOKED the competition.

Thanks to Mr. Larkey for the design and to Mitch for his skilled craftmanship of boat handling.
Thanks to Mr. Kelch for the pictures.

We won both heats and were so far ahead, it was like there was no one else competing.

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Here we Come
Here We Come 

Choose Your Champion (ours is Mitch)
Choose Your Champion

Mitch at the ready
Mitch At Sea

Go, Mitch, GO!
Go Mitch Go

What Competition???

To The Victors Go The Spoils…
To The Victors