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2011 May Campout (OA Inductions)

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011


We will be attending the OA inductions on May 13, 14, 2011 .

Troop 111 is proud to have three new inductees for Scouting’s National Honor Society — The Order of the Arrow.

In addition, three Ordeal members will be returning to seal their membership as Brotherhood members in OA.

Several others will attend in support for those processing as Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates.

During this campout, we will also conduct our second qualifying hike for the high-adventure trip in July as well as provide credit for the Hiking Merit Badge.

Here is the permission slip.

Ordeal Candidates will need to bring:

  1. Sleeping Bag
  2. Waterproof covering for gear
  3. A ground-cloth or tarp
  4. Work Gloves
  5. Boots
  6. Rain Gear / Sun-screen / Hat

Brotherhood Candidates will need to bring:

  1. Letter to the Lodge Chief
  2. OA Handbook (Know the OA History and Song and Obligation)
  3. Work Gloves
  4. Rain Gear / Sun-screen / Hat
  5. Regular camping gear

Support personnel (those not processing in OA) need:

  1. Regular camping gear (including rain gear and hat)
  2. Hiking Boots, Water bottle, etc.

For those staying in the campsite, we will spend Friday night under the canopy (canopies), weather permitting.

Brotherhood ceremony is Friday night, so we will need to be in place on-time and totally prepared.

Here is the permission slip.

Troop 111: OA Election (9-AUG-2010)

Monday, August 9th, 2010


Notes from September 2008 Roundtable

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008




September, 2008 Roundtable:

  • Steve Berry – Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner 
  • Ken Albers – Venturing Roundtable Commissioner
  • Dion Riehs – Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Dave Belzer – Committment ‘09 (Recharter)

Last year we set the standard for the council on rechartering and goals
The event will be held at three locations
See Flier

Dick Brown – Popcorn

Sep 8 deadline for orders online
Another training date this Sat 09/06 at 10:00 at HOAC service center.
Popcorn Sale Begins Saturday (09/20/2008)
See Flier

Kris Kranbuhl – Thunderbird District Camporee

Be Prepared II (Emergency Preparedness)
Emergency Preparedness & First Aid
Oct 10 – 12
Blue & Gray Park
$7.00 per person
2nd year webelos and above
Register now.
See Flier

Laura Crotty – in the new uniform – Cub Scout Family Campout

09/26/2008 – 09/27/2008
At Rotary Youth Camp 6:30 PM Friday to 1130 AM Saturday
$8 per person
Cracker barrel on Friday / Breakfast on Saturday
Staff needed (Boy Scout age or older)
See Flier

Kathy Ruth – School Night for Scouting

Presentations at the schools (7:00 PM)
Troop 111 is this coming Thursday night at Hillcrest Elementary
Volunteers needed for paperwork and presenters

Leroy Felzien – Food Drive in Raytown

REAP is running out of food and buying it frm Harvesters
Oct 18th and 25 for Raytown Troops and Packs

Barb Shaffer – Torch of Gold award

Honoring individuals in scouting working with youths with disabilities
Only 2 selected from each district.
Make nominations now.

Forrest Bolles – Boy Scout Leader Training
Verna Ashcraft – Cub Scout Leader Training

Training starts on September 18th
Every Boy Deserves A Trained Leader
See Flier

John York – Order of the Arrow

Fall Fellowship
Friday Sep 19-21 at Naish
Register by 09/12
$20 or $28 to attend

Winter Banquet 01/23/09

Membership cards at table

Jim Scalf – Winter Activity – Wilderness Survivoree

01/30/2009 – 01/31/2009
Lone Jack, Missouri
See Activities Page

Ken Feunfhausen – Merit Badge Academy 2009
There was no announcement about this, but we need to register in November for:

Merit Badge Academy 2009


Congratulations Arrowmen!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Tamegonit Lodge Flap Order of the Arrow

On August 23, 2008, Tamegonit Lodge inducted 6 of our troop members as new Ordeals

  • Mr. Routh
  • Alex H.
  • Amos
  • Mitch
  • Thomas U.
  • Zachary.

Please be ready this Monday night to offer your congratulations to those who have passed the Ordeal.

Thanks to Brent A, Mr. Underwood and Mr. Hines for attending in support.


Order of the Arrow Induction Weekend

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Tamegonit Lodge Flap Order of the Arrow



Friday 5:00 PM – Assemble at St. Sabina Gym

Friday 5:15 PM – Depart for Camp Naish

Friday 6:00 PM – Check in and Set up camp

Friday 7:00 PM - Induction Begins

Saturday 7:00 PM – Break Down Camp

Saturday Evening – Attend Ceremonies

Saturday 10:00 PM – Depart Naish

Saturday 11:00 PM – Arrive at St. Sabina