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Visitors Day At Bartle 5-June-2011

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

First: Directions To Bartle Scout Reservation

This year, we are camping at Piercing Arrow — Leavenworth inside Bartle Scout Reservation.

The street address is 5525 N.E. Scout Camp Road
Here is one Mapquest route to the reservation starting at St. Sabina Church.

This coming Sunday (5-JUNE-2011) is Visitors Day at Bartle Scout Reservation.
The gates will open around 10:00 AM and we will begin lunch at noon.

Please bring a favorite dish of your choice to share with the group as well as drinks (and dishes) for your family.
The dining hall will be closed and the scouts staying at Bartle will also use the leftovers as the evening dinner.
If you are leaving perishable items for the scouts, please provide a way to keep the items covered and fresh.

After lunch, scouts will be able to tour the reservation and nearby towns with family and friends.

The Dance of Joy will be at 2:00 PM in the local council ring and will showcase any new Called Warriors.

Please be prepared for any type of weather.

10:00 AM – Gates Open
12:00 PM – Lunch Begins
2:00 PM – Dance of Joy
5:00 PM – Visitors Day Ends

Camp Trailer Preparation

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Troop 111 will meet on 31-MAY-2011 to perform any last-minute boards-of-review and to prepare the Troop Trailer for the trip to Bartle Scout Reservation.


We will attend Bartle from 3-JUNE-2011 through 12-JUNE-2011 and the trailer prep is an integral part of that process.

Please arrive in Field Uniform (Class A), but be prepared for Activity Uniform (Class B).

The meeting will be at the normal time.

Bartle Camp Draw 2011 (16-Oct-2010)

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Here comes camp draw, again!

Mr. Petznick, Mr. Underwood and Mr. Hines will be attending camp draw at 9:30 AM on 16-Oct-2010.

We are hoping for Piercing Arrow (Leavenworth) and awaiting options for the session.

The session we receive will determine the dates of our high-adventure trip to Colorado in 2011.

16-OCT-2010 – Camp Draw Results:

Today, Mr. Petznick registered 19 full-time spots for Bartle, 2011.
Our summer camp session information is as follows:
Campground: Piercing Arrow
Campsite: Leavenworth
Session: ONE: (3-12 June, 2011)


Here is the most current information on previous camp sessions:
2011 – Piercing Arrow – Leavenworth – Session ?
(Petznick / Russell) – Colby T

2010 – Piercing Arrow – Leavenworth – Session 4
(Hines / Petznick) – Jared

2009 – Piercing Arrow – Leavenworth – Session 1
(Larkey / Underwood) – Mitch

2008 – Piercing Arrow – Niagara – Session 6
(Underwood / Hines)

2007 – Piercing Arrow – Carson – Session 4
(White / Gruetze)

2006 – Lone Star – Ottawa – Session 6
(Underwood / White)

2005 – Piercing Arrow Leavenworth – Session 4
(Hines / Underwood)

2004 – Piercing Arrow Niagara – Session 4
(R. Armstrong / Hines)

2003 – Piercing Arrow Niagara – Session 6
(Millot / R. Armstrong)

KMBC Shows Scouts in Bartle Summer Heat

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Bartle 2010 — Session 6 — Piercing Arrow Dining Hall

2010 Bartle Merit Badges

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


Summer camp offers your scout a tremendous opportunity to earn merit badges which are the cornerstone of ranks above First Class.  Scouts can choose from a variety of merit badges to take at Bartle camp this year.

We will be collecting the scout’s preferences over the next two meetings and registering the classes online. 
Please have your scouts choose merit badges to fill the days for both halves of the session.  Some classes are taught for six (6) days and some for only three (3).  Some classes are “open” and can be completed in the scout’s free time.

Some merit badge classes carry an extra charge (above the cost of summer camp).  Please take note of any additional charges and be prepared with the appropriate fees (along with camp payments) if your scout chooses those classes. 

Here is the link to the daily schedule and the list of merit badges.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Hines or Mr. Petznick either online or at a scout meeting.