Camping Essentials



  1. What to bring to a campout
    Weekend Camping (tents provided by the troop)
  2. What to bring to summer camp
    Bartle / Naish
  3. New (2011) Health Form
    Fill out parts A and B for short-term camping
    Fill out part C for summer camp
    Will be kept on file at the Troop

Scouts and Scouters must use discretion when packing for a campout.

Troop 111 specific camping item requirements

  1. A signed permission slip
  2. A Field Uniform shirt (Class A)
  3. Rugged footwear (preferably waterproof hiking boots)
    Mr. Hines wears these: (site 1) (site 2) (heavy)
  4. A hat or cap
  5. A jacket or coat suitable to the situation
  6. Rain gear (year-round) / poncho / rain suit
  7. Neckerchief or Honor camping hardwear
  8. A belt
  9. A flashlight
  10. A personal mess kit (patrol camp kitchens are provided by the troop)
    Mr. Hines uses one like this
  11. A sleeping bag suitable to the environment
    Mr. Hines uses these Bag 1 / Bag 2
  12. Changes of clothing suitable to the situation
  13. Personal hygiene items suitable to the situation
  14. A backpack suitable to the situation
  15. Your Scout Handbook
  16. A canteen or water bottle suitable to the situation
  17. A pocket knife (with Totin’ Chip Card)
  18. Gloves (year-round) suitable to the situation