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Hero Packs

Monday, October 25th, 2010

We have been invited to assist in creating Hero Packs along with other Belton Youth organizations and Veterans groups.

We are requested to write letters to youth dependents of military personnel who are currently serving and/or deployed overseas.

We will discuss this at the meeting on 25-OCT-2010.


Leave No Trace (Human Waste)

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Over the next few meetings, we will have sessions on “Leave No Trace” principles.
One topic we will discuss at length in preparation to our high-adventure trip in 2011 is disposal of human waste.

The Leave No Trace Website has some good information on the subject.

There are a few YouTube videos discussing the subject — one of which has some slightly foul language, so please don’t be offended (the video has great information, otherwise):

[Hiking Trip Preparation : Bathroom Considerations While Hiking]

[Camping Gear : Digging Camp Cat Holes]

[Yao Demonstration - Leave No Trace Cat Hole]

[Low Impact Hiking Tips & Techniques : How to Dispose of Human Waste while Hiking]

[Low Impact and No Trace Camping : How to Dispose of Human Waste While Camping]

Bottom line: first adhere to the guidelines in the scout handbook and from Leave No Trace.

Bartle Camp Draw 2011 (16-Oct-2010)

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Here comes camp draw, again!

Mr. Petznick, Mr. Underwood and Mr. Hines will be attending camp draw at 9:30 AM on 16-Oct-2010.

We are hoping for Piercing Arrow (Leavenworth) and awaiting options for the session.

The session we receive will determine the dates of our high-adventure trip to Colorado in 2011.

16-OCT-2010 – Camp Draw Results:

Today, Mr. Petznick registered 19 full-time spots for Bartle, 2011.
Our summer camp session information is as follows:
Campground: Piercing Arrow
Campsite: Leavenworth
Session: ONE: (3-12 June, 2011)


Here is the most current information on previous camp sessions:
2011 – Piercing Arrow – Leavenworth – Session ?
(Petznick / Russell) – Colby T

2010 – Piercing Arrow – Leavenworth – Session 4
(Hines / Petznick) – Jared

2009 – Piercing Arrow – Leavenworth – Session 1
(Larkey / Underwood) – Mitch

2008 – Piercing Arrow – Niagara – Session 6
(Underwood / Hines)

2007 – Piercing Arrow – Carson – Session 4
(White / Gruetze)

2006 – Lone Star – Ottawa – Session 6
(Underwood / White)

2005 – Piercing Arrow Leavenworth – Session 4
(Hines / Underwood)

2004 – Piercing Arrow Niagara – Session 4
(R. Armstrong / Hines)

2003 – Piercing Arrow Niagara – Session 6
(Millot / R. Armstrong)

Troop 111: October 2010: Campout

Monday, October 4th, 2010

TB District Cub Scout Family Campout


Start Date: 10/8/2010 6:30:00 PM
End Date: 10/9/2010 11:30:00 AM
Location:  American Legion Farm
Street: Legion Rd 499, 1 mile East of Adams Dairy Pkwy on 40 Hwy
City: Blue Springs
State: Missouri
Country: USA
Permission Slip: Here

The Cub Scout Family Campout is an opportunity for boys and their families to start the Cub Scout year off with a fun outdoor event.  This overnight campout will feature games and activities designed for the entire family.

A parent or guardian must accompany and be responsible for each Cub Scout and other family members for the entire event.

Cost is: $8.00 per person (including adults and siblings).  Cash or check (made payable to BSA) only.  No credit cards.  Fee covers food and program supplies.


Troop 111 will serve as staff for this event, so the troop camping fee is $6.00 with no additional costs.

We will serve either at the water rocket station or where needed.

Please be prepared for any type of weather.

We will depart St. Sabina at 6:00 PM Friday evening and return at 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon.

Adventure Base 100 Here (2-3 OCT 2010)

Friday, October 1st, 2010

The Adventure Base 100 traveling Scout Museum will be here this weekend.

Scouts are free on Saturday and everyone is free on Sunday!

Check this link for more information.