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Order Of The Arrow Induction Weekend

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

OA LogoThis weekend (starting 08/21/2009), we will attend the Order of the Arrow Induction process at Camp Naish near Bonner Springs, Kansas.

This event celebrates the induction of scouts into the National Scout Camping Honor society after they have passed “The Ordeal”.

It also celebrates the elevation of those who have previously passed the Ordeal into full Brotherhood membership, if they are ready.

We will assemble at St. Sabina Gym at 5:00 PM (1700 hrs), pack a small amount of gear into vehicles and depart as quickly as possible.

Activities will already be underway when we arrive, so there must be no delay.

We will return to St. Sabina late Saturday evening (instead of Sunday) because of obligations of some of the adults on Sunday morning.  Expected return will be around 11:00 PM (2300 hrs) depending on the length of the ceremony.

The permission slip is at this link.

The tentative event schedule is at this link.

The directions to Camp Naish are at this link.

The induction letter is at this link.