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Notes from April 2008 Roundtable

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Opening: A Family (by Glenna Davis)

Steve Berry:
   Introduction of Roundtable Commissioners

Dr. Joe Mackey:
   A Powerpoint slideshow of announcements
   will become a permanent part of Roundtable
   Units with extra adults???:
      Adults are needed in schools to conduct scouting programs
      please contact the council office.
   Tribal Celebration coming up May 30, 31, June 1st
      Encourage new Braves to go (free for Braves)
      New council ring to be dedicated during the tribal celebration
      New Braves will receive an invitation from a Chieftan.
John Morales:
   Program Aids
   Need more parents
Jason Bledsoe:
   Next month (May) is the Program Planning Fair.
   Start assigning ”popcorn Kernels” now.
Josh Morales:
 Recognition of Merit Badge Counselors from last week’s Merit Badge Academy
Dan Morales:
   Rep from each unit should come by the table to correct unit adult training records.
   Please ensure all adults are trained.
   A DVD will be on display (running) in the hall showing information about youth protection
Cindy Cone:
   ”Ten Commandments Hike” will be May 18th, 2008
   Activity will start at 143rd and Lamar and will:
      Visit 5 houses of worship
      Learn about the Ten Commandments

   $ 5.00 per kid or adults
   Patches will be given
   Council-wide event

Bill Tablosky:
   Powder Horn training is coming
   Open to Venture and Boy Scout Leaders
   15-17 of August, 2008
   5-7 of September, 2008
   Camp Naish
Mike Husk and Janet Thornburg:
   Wood Badge training is coming
   Get apps in as soon as possible.
   The 12 & 13th will be the last weekend for Boy Scout Leader training this Spring.

   D.O.E. will be at Rotary Camp May 2 & 3rd
Leo Berroterran:
   FOS – Friends of Scouting
   Congrats to units with free rank advancements!:
   601, 195, 323, 32
   FOS Call night next Thursday (April 10th)
   Volunteers needed for a simple-to-do (pre-programmed calls) process

   Please Sign up for FOS and/or sign up to do a presentation.
Ken Feunfhausen:
   Merit Badge Academy
   Get cards tonight (check them)
   760 scouts registered for 1800 seats
   140 staff
   Jason Davis receives a plaque for his help as Ken’s assistant.
Leroy Felzein:
   Raytown – Good Turn for America (REAP)
   Pick up bags from REAP HQ
   Saturday 5th and 12th
Kay Duncan:
   Day Camp
   $45 due April 9th for boys
   $60 after April 9th
Kelly Klaussen:
   Rocket Derby
   $6.00 per boy (today is last day to register at the $6 level)
Mike Smith:
   Scouting for food
   Seeking signups in the hall

A Scout Announces:
   Order of the Arrow
   Apr 27 Reeder 4:30 – 6:30
   Spring Inductions (see sheet)
   Election Signups (at table)
Boy Scout Breakout: 
   Check out the Possum Trot club
   – MAPS and orienteerng stuff
   – Compass games available at the scout shop
   – Permanent orienteering course at Monkey Mountain