2008 Bartle Camp

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Mr. Underwood                  Mr. Hines
Mr. Underwood                                          Mr. Hines     

2008 Bartle Camp Sessions
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In 2008, Troop 111 will attend Bartle Scout Camp during the 6th session (July 27th – Aug 5th).
We will camp in Piercing Arrow at campsite Niagara.

Here is the list of: What to bring to camp.

Currently, there are fifteen (15) registered full-time positions (4 Leaders, 11 Scouts).

Directions to Bartle.
Because of the capacity of Niagara, we will most likely share the site with another troop as we have done in previous years (2003, 2004).

Parents Meeting: TBA
Leaders Meeting: TBA
Junior Leaders Meeting: TBA


Bartle Scout CampBartle Scout Camp

Our summer camp session is quickly approaching; July 27 – August 5, 2008.  Before we attend camp, EVERYONE must have an updated health form — no exceptions.  Updates to health forms are based on age.  Everyone must have a completed Class 1 Health form signed annually.  All under the age of 40 must have a completed Class 2 Health form updated and renewed by a physical every third year.  Those over the age of 40, must have a completed Class 3 Health form which requires a physical exam every year.  If your scout requires special medication, we must have an Administering Medications form on file.  Also it is now a requirement for us to have on file a Picture/Photo Release Form.  These forms are kept at summer camp for the session and are kept at the troop for use in emergency situations throughout the year.  We require these forms for all activities.  Please ensure your scout’s (or your) health forms are in order.  Contact Mr. White at the next troop meeting to be sure.


Bartle Scout Camp

Bartle Summer Camp Merit Badges

Merit badges are essential to making higher ranks and there’s no better place to concentrate on merit badges than Merit Badge Academy and Summer Camp.  Please have your scout fill out (circle) the desired merit badges for summer camp and bring the completed form to the next meeting.  Also, certain merit badges are available in the troop.  Be sure to see our list of Merit Badge Counselors.  If you need to earn other merit badges, please check the council web search tool for the full registry of Merit Badge Counselors.



Bartle Outposts

We have three confirmed Outpost Programs for session 6: Action Archery, Carnival in the Woods and Turkey Wing Gun Club.



Previous Sessions:

2008 – Piercing Arrow – Niagara – Session 6 (Underwood / Hines)
2007 – Piercing Arrow – Carson – Session 4
2006 – Lone Star – Ottawa – Session 6 (Underwood / White)
2005 – Piercing Arrow Leavenworth – Session 4 (Hines / Underwood)
2004 – Piercing Arrow Niagara – Session 4 (R. Armstrong / Hines)
2003 – Piercing Arrow Niagara – Session 6 (Millot / R. Armstrong)