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Camp Draw

Saturday, October 20th, 2007


Camp Draw Board


Well, we’re sitting at Camp Draw waiting our turn for the 9:30 draw.


Waiting For The Draw



2nd Session, Piercing Arrow, Leavenworth is still open with 28 slots.  We need 15.
The Dining Hall capacity is down to 62 (total open slots) however.

Wish us LUCK!!!

Here’s a VIDEO of those waiting in line.

Troop 111 Visits WW1 Museum

Friday, October 19th, 2007

WW1 Museum

Liberyt Memorial Guns
Click image to see a larger version

Remember back in January when we went to the WW1 Museum and Memorial?
Did you miss it?
Maybe we should go again sometime soon!
Hey, it’s almost January AGAIN! 

Camporee: A Washout

Sunday, October 14th, 2007


Tent In Rain

Well, Camporee didn’t work.
We (six of us) went out to Blue & Gray Park and registered early in the morning.
It was already raining and the start of the event had been delayed by 30 minutes (to 9:00) to allow the lightning and rain to stop.
We set up a small canopy and let the scouts get out of the vehicle.
It kept raining harder.

The start was delayed until NOON.  Everyone was told to go ahead and eat lunch early (10:30).
It kept raining harder.

At the next leaders meeting, Camporee was canceled.
It kept raining harder.

We decided to salvage the day by going to Cabella’s and Nebraska Furniture Mart and CC’s Pizza.


Here’s a video from the neatest gadget we saw at Cabella’s.