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Calling All Adults

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Calling You        Tent

As we move forward in time, things change.  The “good-old-days” seem to slip away and are much more difficult to preserve as our scouts get older and move on into young adult-hood.  Those of us that stay behind as the proverbial “custodial staff” must maintain a certain level of interest and energy when it comes to keeping up the program including CAMPING (a mainstay of the program).

With that intro, I must mention our need for additional adult involvement in the program.  We, the troop, would like to extend an invitation to those parents (who’ve not yet had the experience of watching our scouts grow up in the outdoor program) to come outdoors with us.

This year, we’ve experienced a number of situations where campouts needed to be modified because we did not have the required number of adults attending for full weekend coverage.  The September campout has been dropped because of scheduling conflicts.

Our intention is to have one campout per month and troop policy is to have four (4) adults on every campout.  With 4 adults, we not only satisfy BSA requirements of two-deep leadership, but can respond to an emergency without having to cancel the entire campout.

So, with the policies and processes in place, all we need to do is provide the adult leadership and schedule the opportunity.

The next opportunity will be at Camporee on October 12, 13, 14 in Lone Jack, Mo.  Camporee is a district-wide event and a lot of activities are set up for both the youth and adults.  Camporee is a great way to be introduced to the camping process, learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

So, about that adult leadership?  Are you…

Interested?  Willing?  Able?

Troop 111 is committed to providing a quality outdoor program with a committed staff of adult volunteers.
We’ve persevered through a multitude of weather changes and the worst gas prices of our scouting careers.  I tip my hat to those who’ve stayed the course and have provided the backbone of the troop’s program.

Tom Hines
Scoutmaster — Troop 111