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I’m Bored!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

I’m Bored!

When a scout tells me he’s bored, I celebrate and tell him the following:

When you tell me you’re bored, it means you’re saying this is the best moment of your
day, if not your entire life.

Everything in your life has come to such a point of perfection and you’re not

  1. running from wild dogs
  2. dodging bullets
  3. scrounging for food
  4. waiting for surgery

In order for this moment to arrive, a lot of good people in your path have removed
a lot of potential problems for you.

These people can be your parents or guardians, your teachers or your scout leaders.

This is a perfect time to contact one (or more) of them and let them know how much you appreciate this moment of perfection in your life.